Stay Safe

Safety tips that can be life saving!


Be aware.

It is extremely important to always be aware of your surroundings at all times, even if you are in a familiar area. Do not get distracted especially if you are alone.

Avoid distractions.

If you are out alone, at any time of day, you should be alert and aware. In a dangerous situation your phone is not a defense tool. In reality your phone can be a distraction. Talking to a friend or family member and playing music through headphones or earbuds when out alone can also be distracting.

Commutate with your loved ones.

Keep your friends and family updated with your daily routine and your schedule. If even the smallest changes occur let someone close to you know.

Trust your gut.

Sometimes you can just 'feel' that something isn't right. TRUST YOURSELF. If it doesn't feel right, if it doesn't add up or make sense...avoid it.

Use other tools available.

While a cellphone is not a defensive tool it does have multiple other uses that can help in dangerous situations. iPhones have an emergency SOS feature, medical ID, and iPhone users have access to the 'Find My' app.


Staying safe includes staying updated!

You should know about crimes near you! 


You can find out about crimes near you with Spot Crime. This site is for crimes all over the USA. Dawn's uses Spot Crime often because the local news does not report on all crimes.   

Spot Crime Near You

The people of Detroit are vigilant, so much so that one Detroit veteran has dedicated his extra time to keep the city updated by listening to scanner calls and informing residents of cases, in real time, wether they are big enough to be featured on the news or not. Click the link below to follow The Detroit Scanner on Facebook.   

Detroit Scanner

If you're in Detroit, Dawn's suggest that you add and/or follow Detroit's police department on social media. Go ahead and add them to your Facebook feed now.  

DPD's Facebook Page

One of Detroit's most popular ways to get the latest news is through "Crime in the D". They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Below is a link to their Twitter account.  

Crime In The D