Frequently Asked;

What is a self-defense keychain?

      A self-defense keychain is multiple tools for defense on a key ring. Dawn’s provides self defense keychains that includes an alert device, pepper spray (mace), and a knife or another type of sharp gadget to assist the carrier during an emergency. The keychains come on a wristlet or lanyard making them wearable protection. Dawn’s also add fashionable accessories to the keychains to make them extra cute to carry. You can also have necessities for daily use on your keychain like hand sanitizer, lip moisturizer, and different cases or holders. 

What type of self-defense keychain sets do you have?

   The self-defense keychains we have available come in different sets. There are faux leather key fob wristlets, bangles, and lanyards. The key fob wristlets are handmade and most styles are one of a kind. Key fob wristlet designs are limited and most can not be recreated. All of Dawn's standard wristlets come with a wristlet strap, a matching puff ball (pom-pom) keychain with an inspirational charm, lipgloss, 1 Kubaton (Kubotan) A.K.A. window breaker, a 1/2 oz hard case pepper spray and 1 personal alarm. Additional accessories are sold separately but can be added onto your wristlet, upon request, if purchased together (at the same time). Please leave a note if you want accessories added to your wristlet. If no note is left by the customer, the accessories will be wrapped and/or packed individually. The bangles and lanyards differ but they will always have the basic defensive tools and fashion accessories too.  

Do I have to order online?

     Ordering online is faster and helps with order accuracy but, if you are local to the Detroit, Michigan area, you can order through Facebook messenger or Instagram DMs, be sure you are friends with the 'friend-able' Facebook page to ensure that messenger delivers your message, otherwise you risk your message going into a spam folder. All orders placed through social media will be invoiced to your email. If the invoice is not paid within 24 hours, your order will be cancelled. Orders placed through social media must be paid for, in full, before it will be shipped or delivered. 

How long does shipping take?

     Dawn's usually ships through USPS. Shipping can take up to 7 business days. Depending on your location you can get your package as soon as 3 days after ordering. International shipping times may vary. 

What is the best day/time to order?

     There is no 'perfect' time to order but customers who purchase defensive items have reported receiving their merchandise 3 days after ordering. Orders for defensive items placed on weekdays, before 2 p.m. have potential to be shipped the same day. 

What is processing time?

     Processing time is the time needed to create and/or pack your order. Most defense items are ready to ship but custom orders for self defense keychains can take up to 3 to 5 days to complete. Processing time for mystery boxes may take up to 3 days before shipping. 

Do you offer delivery? 

     Dawn's does offer in person delivery; for a fee, to residents of Detroit and surrounding areas. If you feel that you are in our delivery zone but the system won't allow for local delivery please contact us on the contact us page, by email or on the social media outlet of your preference (Facebook or Instagram). 

The keychain I wanted sold. Can I still get the design I saw?

     Normally Dawn's only creates 1 or 2 of each self defense keychain listed. If you planned to buy a particular design that is now unavailable, you can contact us and we maybe able to recreate it for you. Faux leather key fob wristlets are handmade and the styles are limited. These designs sell out fast and can NOT be recreated. Popular (or highly requested) designs MAY be relaunched after 7 days of selling out. If a certain item or accessory you wanted is out of stock, please join our mailing list. You will receive restock updates, coupon codes, and more. Adding and following Dawn's Defense on social media also means you'll be one of the first to know when new merchandise becomes available.      

Can I order a custom self-defense keychain?

     For custom self defense keychain orders please contact us on our contact page or email us at contact@dawnsdefense.com. You can also add any accessories that you desire to an existing set. Simply add the accessories to your cart, with the full keychain set you want and leave a note to "ADD TO MY KEYCHAIN" or "ATTACH ALL" before purchasing and we will add them for you. 

What is the difference between a stun gun and a taser? Are they legal?

     Tasers are gun like weapons that fire out small barbed darts intended to puncture the skin and remain attached to the target while sending electric shock. Tasers are commonly used by law enforcement officers. When deployed the taser sends out a large amount of voltage that can temporarily shock and disable the target.

     Stun guns are smaller, hand held devices that utilizes an electric shock to incapacitate a target. Stun guns require direct contact to the target in order to apply the electric shock. The voltage distributed is based on the brand, kind, and size of the stun gun but the voltage can range from 8 to 98 million volts. 

     Stun gun and taser laws vary from state to state. Some states require a permit to carry stun guns. Please research your state laws before purchasing and carrying stun guns. Stun guns are illegal in Canada. Stun guns are illegal in Rhode Island and Hawaii; because of this law, Dawn’s does not and will not ship stun guns to Canada, Rhode Island, or Hawaii at this time. 

What items are illegal for me to carry?

     Each state has their own laws about what type of weapons are legal and illegal. Please do your own research before purchasing any weapon/weapons from anyone. Most items on the self defense keychains are legal to carry but please be aware that certain bars & clubs, stadiums, and other event arenas have their own weapon policy and your defensive items maybe prohibited.      

     Pepper spray is currently legal in all 50 states for persons over the age of 18, but please do your own research, based on the state you reside in, to ensure that purchasing and carrying any type self defense keychain is legal. Pepper spray can not be produced or sold in Canada, because of this law, Dawn’s will not/can not ship pepper spray to Canada. (If you are in Canada and would like to purchase a self defense keychain without the pepper spray, please reach out to us on the contact us page to get a keychain set custom made.)

     Dawn’s also sells “Kitten (Cat) Knuckles” which are technically brass knuckles. Brass knuckles are illegal in some states. States where brass knuckles are illegal may still allow individuals to legally purchase these items but it is illegal to carry the item. Please research your state laws before purchasing and carrying these type of tools.

     Currently; pepper spray, stun guns, and brass knuckles are illegal in Canada. Due to this law, Dawn’s does not and will not ship any of these items to Canada.

*Please note; Dawn's does not accept returns due to failure to research state laws before a purchase.*

Can I buy wholesale from you?

     Dawn's may; at any time have wholesale defense and/or keychain items available for wholesale. These items may or may not be publicly listed online. To inquire about any wholesale or bulk purchasing options please contact us on our contact page or email us at contact@dawnsdefense.com.  Dawn's does NOT give/sell vendor information and Dawn's does NOT dropship. 

I want a couple of keychains. Is there a bulk purchasing option? 

     For an order to be considered bulk you must be purchasing 4 or more of the same item (or items from the same category). For bulk discounts of defense items, before you order, please contact us on our contact page or email us at contact@dawnsgiftsets.com. Bulk deals are not promised and can not done after a purchase is complete. 

Where can I find coupon codes?

     Coupon codes will be announced and listed on Dawn's social media accounts. Some discounts will be automatically deducted from your order, no code required. If there are any discounts they will be automatically discounted on the check-out page so please feel free to add every item you like to your cart and a discount maybe applied for you. Dawn's official brand ambassadors will also announce coupon codes on their accounts at any time. All codes expire at some point. Please note that Dawn's Defense has the right to start or end any promotion at anytime for reason that may or may not be announced or discussed.